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Thriftmobile 2020

The Thriftmobile adventured its way through the Borough of Redcar during the Festival Of Thrift’s digital edition in September 2020.

Working with Redcar based performance company Whippet Up we created the ultimate travelling festival experience as our colourful electric vehicle set out first thing to help spread the Thrifty word and remind people to tune in online and watch all of the marvellous content available! A Great Place funded project which took the festival atmosphere to the streets!

With parades not possible this year safe to say we had to think differently about how we could create a carnival atmosphere with social distancing in place, usually we are trying to bring as many people together in one place as we can so this was a challenge indeed! The Thriftmobile worked brilliantly to take The Festival of Thrift to the streets and working with Whippet Up we knew they would bring the party with them so it was great to see how people reacted as the Thriftmoble passed by creating fun colourful moments around the streets of Redcar.

Festival of Thrift
Thursday, August 31, 2017