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Artist Michele Wren created the very first People’s Planning Office at the Town Hall in Middlesbrough in 2018, working with community groups and residents to let people have their say and design their future town.

As part of the FutureBoro project Michelle asked residents to take on the role of the Town Planner and decide what they would build, save and demolish and to mark their observations and improvements for the town on a large map, asking people to come up with ideas, from the huge and impossible to the tiny and probable, which she transformed into fantastic cardboard installations shown in an outdoor exhibition in Centre Square.  

I just totally loved working with you. Honestly it was a fantastic supportive experience. So proud of how it all ended up and the small group of people that formed from the local community. I just think it was great! I want to thank you both for the support and the fantastic opportunity and introducing me to such a great town with great people. I really hope we can all work together again! I would do it in a heart beat!

Michele Wren
Thursday, August 31, 2017