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We are super grateful to have been awarded funding from the Arts Council as part of the government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund. The funding will enable us to continue to do what we do best – deliver high quality creative projects, events and experiences in the Tees Valley and across the North East.  

The Culture Recovery Fund awarded grants to 1972 organisations over two rounds of funding, totalling £333 million. The funding went to a wide range of organisations from theatres to comedy clubs. We are grateful for the way that the Arts Council has worked on behalf of the sector to pull emergency packages together in a short timeframe. 

We feel very lucky to be able to keep going, particularly when so many creative organisations and freelancers in the sector have to deal with the ongoing prospect of reduced or no work. 

Even during challenging times such as these, artists and creatives continue to do amazing things and adapt their work to create initiatives which help bring joy and connection to people’s lives.