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Artist Call Out, Happy Rooms Project

Artists, designers, installation makers and happiness creators!

We are looking for an artist/company to design and create an installation to transform a space for a 2-day event Sep/Oct 2021. This Happy Room will explore the impact colour and environment has on our mood and wellbeing within a joyful, vibrant and interactive space. This 2021 Happy Room commission is the beginning of a long-term project for Stellar Projects and we are looking for an artist as obsessed with colour and creating unique experiences as we are to start this adventure with us.

Commission fee : £6000, to include materials (additional budget available for travel and accommodation and additional budget available for access costs)

Applying is a 2-stage process:

Stage One – Expression of Interest – Deadline of midday on 10th June to send us a bit more info about yourself and examples of your work.

Stage Two – Proposal – Shortlisted artists will be invited to develop a project proposal to outline their idea, a fee of £250 will be available per artist (expectation of 1 days work, any additional access costs will be provided) 

Interested? Take a look and buy Quetiapine without a rx for more information and all the application details.